Electrical hazards are responsible for hundred of deaths and thousands of injuries each
year in the our country. Property damage, the result of residential electrical fires, is estimated at millions annually.

  • More than hundres deaths are attributed to work place electrocutions
  • Residential electrical fires are blames for many  deaths
  • Approximately 4,000 workplace injuries are due to electrical hazards
  • Home electrical fires cause about 6,000 injuries
  • HUndred of thousands home fires are related to electricity
  • Residential electrical fires cause over millions in property damage

Market and demographic trends illustrate the persistence of the gap between electrical
safety knowledge and safe practices:

  • Growing demand for electrical products
  • People at home and in the workplace fail to recognize and address electrical
  • Globalization creates product safety challenges with codes and compliance.
  • Aging home structures add to the safety challenge
  • Changing demographics present growing educational challenges, including literacy and language barriers

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